Dear Friends,

 It has come to the attention of the Springfield Township Historical Society that a pair of large urns from Whitemarsh Hall have been deaccessioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) as part of their renovation and expansion plan.

 In 1938, the pair of urns were donated by Eva Stotesbury in memory of her husband Edward. Featuring carved stone friezes depicting mythological scenes of Apollo and marine deities, the urns were part of the donation by Eva of a group of 18th century French sculpture (including the Clodions and Tassaert). The urns were acquired by the Stotesburys from Duveen in 1923.

 The PMA has “reluctantly decided to deaccession the urns from the collection. Unfortunately, there is not an obvious home for them. There is not a huge market for this type of object, and a major stumbling block is the cost of removing them from the building, which is estimated at $20,000, given their size and weight. In fact, we would be willing to give them away in return for covering the costs of removal.”

 Just so you understand how big these urns are: Height: approximate, includes pedestals: 9 feet 6 inches
Pedestals: 40 × 40 inches Weight: estimated at 10,000-12,000 lbs. each.

 STHS Presdient Scott Kreilick met with Township Manager Don Berger, to propose and review re-location of the urns on the Springfield Township Municipal Campus. It is anticipated that the Township will cover the cost of constructing the foundations.

There will need to be conservation of the urns. The scope of the conservation will include cleaning, consolidation, minor repairs, repointing, and conservation oversight of the de-installation, transport, and installation. Kreilick Conservation, LLC. has generously offered to donate all necessary conservation services. Kreilick will also prepare a report documenting the effort. The report will include recommendations for subsequent maintenance.

Springfield Township Historical Society therefor is left with the relocation expense. After bidding out the move, STHS has settled on a firm that will cost ~$10,000. We are halfway to there and ask for your support to reach this goal.

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