COVID-19 Community History Project

The Springfield Township Historical Society is committed to  collecting information from our community and documenting the local experience during this pandemic. There are several ways you can particpate and we appreciate any and all of your contributions. Please help in one or more of the following ways:

Visual Storytelling

Photographs visually record the world around us and can be used as gateways to the past. Help us document this time by sharing photographs of your neighborhoods, activities, and experiences. 

Please post your images either directly on Facebook with #quarantinedinspringfieldtwpmontco or emailing them to the Historical Society.  In an effort to preserve these moments, photographs will need the names of the photographer and anyone shown in the image; additionally, the date and location of the photograph are necessary.

For images posted on Facebook, please note that you must have permission from anyone shown to share. All images shared/posted on the Springfield Township Historical Society Facebook page may be used in future research, as well as educational and promotional endeavors of the Society.

Springfield Township COVID-19 Community History Project Questionnaire

When we look back on this time in history, what will we remember? Will we notice the changes in how we operate and interact with one another? Please take the time to complete the COVID-19 Community History Project Questionnaire. The questions asked in this survey will help us to understand how residents of Springfield Township have responded to the pandemic. All information will be compiled and added to the STHS collection to benefit future generations in answering these questions. Please complete any or all of this form.

The information gathered in the questionnaire may be used by the Springfield Township Historical Society for the purposes of education, research, publication, and exhibition. At no time will the Society share the personal information of participants with outside parties.

Physical Donations to Our Archives 

Once the Historical Society is able to open our actual doors, we will begin accepting donations of physical objects that relate to the novel coronavirus and the stay-at-home order in Springfield Township. Examples of accepted materials include but are not limited to the following: 

*Letters, flyers, newsletters, postcards, and/or other mailings with information regarding updates and changes occurring in Springfield Township related to the novel coronavirus from community leaders, businesses, religious organizations, and/or community groups.

*Objects, newspaper/magazine clippings and articles, other ephemera such as closed-for-business or yard signs, face masks, clothing, pins/buttons, and/or stickers created to generate public support and understanding. 

For more information regarding STHS collection practices, please visit the Archives page or contact the Archivist.